About SaveMuni

History:  The idea of setting up an organization to find ways of improving Muni was first proposed during a planning meeting held in the home of Jane Morrison on Saturday, December 5, 2009.   During a number of subsequent meetings, including the SaveMuni Summit held on March 6, 2010, this original idea evolved into a new San Francisco organization.  SaveMuni was officially established by vote of its 12/5 Planning Group on April 19, 2010.  SaveMuni is located at 708 Montgomery Street, San Francisco 94111.  
Purposes of SaveMuni:  To point out and identify the fatal flaws in the ill-conceived, politically-motivated Central Subway in an effort to head off a gargantuan waste of local, State and federal funds.  To develop and advance ideas and proposals designed to bring Muni up to its full potential in terms of operations, maintenance and financial viability.  To work closely with other San Francisco civic, environmental and neighborhood organizations to achieve these ends. 


For more information about SaveMuni, please contact:

Howard Wong: <wongaia@aol.com>
Howard Strassner <ruthow1@gmail.com>
Jerry Cauthen cautn1@aol.com or
Bob Feinbaum <bobf@att.com>  
MeetingsWe almost always meet at 5:30 p.m. on the Third Monday of the month at the Turk/Fillmore Police Station.  To confirm a meeting, join SaveMuni, register an opinion, ask a question, or learn more about our organization, please contact one of the individuals listed above.  

Map showing where we meet:

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The Founding Members of SaveMuni (partial list):
Zach Stewart:  Architect and landscape Architect.  Lives in North Beach.
Howard Wong:  Architect.  Lives on Telegraph Hill.  Active in Telegraph Hill Dwellers (THD).
Joan Wood:  Retired Social Worker.  Telegraph Hill/North Beach Activist. Active in THD.
David Schonbrunn:  President of TRANSDEF, Advocate for Bay Area Public Transportation
Norman Rolfe:  (deceased) Electrical Engineer, former Chair SFT's Transportation Committee
Howard Strassner:  Civil engineer.  Chair, Sierra Club Jt. Transportation Committee.  Lives in the Sunset.
Dorothy Danielson, Retired Professor SFSU, THD Traffic and Transportation Committee
Hal Wanaselja:  Former Amtrak Vice President of Operations.  Lives in San Francisco's Noe Valley
Herb Kosovitz:  Architect.  Lives on Telegraph Hill. Member of THD & FWS.
Judith Robinson:  Author and historian.  Lives in North Beach. 
Mary Lipian:  Co-chair, THD's Planning/Zoning Committee.  Lives on Telegraph Hill.
Sue Hestor:  Environmental Attorney.  Lives in Bernal Heights.
Alice Mosley:  Music Teacher.  Lives in the Sunset.
David Pilpel:  Muni Expert.  Lives in the Mission.
Nate Baca:  Account Manager.  Lives on Telegraph Hill.  THD Member.
Sherman Lewis:  Professor Emeritus HSU.  Lives in Hayward.
Judy Irving:  Documentary Filmmaker. Telegraph Hill resident.
Mark Bittner: Author.  Lives on Telegraph Hill.  Has lived in North Beach for 35 years.
Adrian Brandt:  Software Engineer.  Former President, Bay Rail Alliance.  Lives in Redwood City. 
Jane Morrison: Member and former Chair, S.F. Democratic Central Committee.  Lives in Cole Valley.
Nan Roth:  Retired Urban Planner.  Long time THD member, Waterfront and Muni Activist.  
John Holtzclaw:  Retired transportation and land use analyst and engineer.  Lives on Russian Hill.
Roy Nakadegawa:  Former BART and AC Transit Board Member.  Lives in Oakland.
Gerald Cauthen:  Transportation Engineer.  Lives in Oakland.
Richard Tolmach:  Passenger Rail Expert.  Lives in Sacramento.
Ed Moose:  Retired North Beach Restaurateur.  Lives in North Beach.
Mary Etta Moose:  Retired North Beach Restaurateur.  Lives in North Beach.
Len Conly:   Co-Chair, Friends of BRT; Berkeley Activist and Transit Advocate.  Lives in Berkeley.
Carol Greene:  Artist.  Lives in San Jose
Alan Miller:  Former Executive Director, Train Riders Association of California
Wingham Liddell:  Retired Professor, Sonoma State University.  Lives in Sausalito.
June Osterberg:  Long time North Beach resident and protector
Joyce Roy:  Architect and long time East Bay activist.  Lives in Oakland
William Blackwell:  Architect and mathematician.  Lives in Piedmont.
Suzanne Keebler:  North Beach activist
Michael Sonn:  Chair, Transportation Committee, North Beach Neighbors
Paul Okamoto:  Architect. Works in North Beach